Author: Gary


Had to work a little to stay on the schools but the fly was working great


Fishing hasn’t been easy this month but we have managed to catch some nice stripers on flies and jigs.


Fishing in May has been pretty good. some days we have had to work harder than others. Maybe not the numbers I would like, but the quality is good. Stripers up to 33 inches have been caught on sinking lines with big half and halfs. Early in the month the shallow water bite was good on cloudy days. On sunny days the fish are in 15 to 25 feet of water.


Spring is right around the corner. May is a great time for big stripers on the fly or light tackle. Book now to get prime dates.


May is getting close. It’s one of the best times for a big striper on fly or light tackle.


Been done for a couple weeks, thought I’d share a few pics from this fall


5DD0FBCF-4A7C-4B8D-BD74-364DA53511B9 19EC8B9F-99A2-4DA1-8924-EB1AF77CD376 102309AB-6B17-4E44-AC96-2EA1E27CFDD9 123D62EE-AD93-40C4-AC32-D38914580BB9Shallow top water fishing when the conditions are right has been great. Stripers are smashing surface plugs and fly rod poppers. Swimbaits have also catching as well. In deeper water jigging soft plastics is catching nice fish too. Fly fishing with sinking lines has also been great.


61EEFEBA-B89E-44FA-A254-E9CA80BC2B0C BB57081B-B94C-48AB-93E6-44F043D07F82 8350EDE5-BF3F-4D62-9ABB-5D27BEC03270Striper fishing continues to be good. Striped bass up to 30 inches are hitting swimbaits and soft plastic jerk baits cast and jigged. The bite sometimes is short so being in the right place at the right time is important. Fly fishing is also real good with sinking lines and flies that imitate baitfish.


BCE2B3E3-009C-4405-99B4-E85A6DF4FC0C 54BE5B84-B606-4154-9799-299F63878208 7C29B9FE-FEB9-4D9B-A65A-F04F40491926 620B58FC-81B2-4F5E-995C-8418DAEE4CE8 07C00426-C46D-4A04-9E7A-D04C064BB5A3 42220C9A-FC20-4DE5-9C18-B6965E783B59Striper fishing is pretty good right now. After a slow start, fishing has really picked up. Striped bass from 20 to 28 inches are hitting jigs and flies. Swimbaits and swimming soft jerkbaits in shallow water are working great. Jigging in deeper water is also productive. A few fish are hitting top water. Half and half’s on sinking fly lines have equally as good and some days even better


D8AFD267-C545-4CAB-BE43-F17C58DC85D1 170FBAC9-7A73-44C8-B3E9-24F20605A49B F9E40AB4-1305-49B8-BFDE-200E12FDCFD2 D4ED9013-7ACD-4A5F-AA1D-F4C02BFC2379Fall fishing continues to be great. Being patient waiting for the fish to feed really pays off. Stripers up to 30 inches are chasing bunker on the surface. Swimbaits and jigging soft plastics bring consistent strikes. Surface plugs are working when you’re right on top of the breakers. Fly fishing with large flies is also real productive.


1166AA47-0E66-4F88-892C-87056EBF2170 8BCCAF62-FB53-4052-9E0B-6EB7F5208988 9AA988B4-27E7-489C-8DCF-13C728B316B6 84FE0060-8102-4A4F-A2FF-B448A0292044Fall fishing is in full swing. Big stripers are chasing bunker fattening up for winter. Jigging soft plastics and casting swimbaits are catching striped bass as fat as footballs. Top water is also bringing vicious strikes. Fly fishing is also great too. Besides poppers, big flies on sinking lines are crushing the rock fish.


4359ACFE-AC55-4796-99DC-4D6AAC9B26E7 29FC61AE-5014-4EC0-A681-5575040F17D5 C565EE15-576A-46EE-8FCB-A999EBD5EBE4Striper fishing has been good and more Spanish mackerel than I have ever seen. A few stripers are being caught in the shallow water on topwater and swimbaits. Stripers are also breaking along with a few bluefish and Spanish mackerel. A variety of baits are working on the breakers. Some days the bigger fish are under the smaller breaking fish. Fly fishing is also very productive.


C1E5E401-8E93-4C6D-8378-FA8369C3EC17 0FA8B225-D514-4E1C-BCC2-EAABCCEA384D 9F648569-C366-4DF8-9237-F4EA65CFD0E6Fishing for stripers in the mid 20 inches range has been real good. Chasing birds and fishing underwater structure have been best. Swimbaits and fly fishing have been the best way to catch stripers and a few Spanish Mackerel. We also have caught some speckled trout in shallow water on swimbaits.


92932CD0-D0D9-4851-82B6-AA5B7D95CA93 3AB8A7A3-B8C8-4B62-ACE8-78857E0F0395 55E658BD-9212-4565-B6D9-20002720C02F 67D5452E-3300-4C46-A653-40B3112CC026 78EC0DD9-71D7-4CC9-B68D-B2F9E0E2D2D6Breaking stripers have been fairly consistent lately. Although not big lots of action. Poppers, gurgles and Clouser’s catch fish on nearly every cast when they’re on to. Swimbaits and spoons on spinning tackle also.


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