BCE2B3E3-009C-4405-99B4-E85A6DF4FC0C 54BE5B84-B606-4154-9799-299F63878208 7C29B9FE-FEB9-4D9B-A65A-F04F40491926 620B58FC-81B2-4F5E-995C-8418DAEE4CE8 07C00426-C46D-4A04-9E7A-D04C064BB5A3 42220C9A-FC20-4DE5-9C18-B6965E783B59Striper fishing is pretty good right now. After a slow start, fishing has really picked up. Striped bass from 20 to 28 inches are hitting jigs and flies. Swimbaits and swimming soft jerkbaits in shallow water are working great. Jigging in deeper water is also productive. A few fish are hitting top water. Half and half’s on sinking fly lines have equally as good and some days even better