Fishing Reports


The Susquehanna Flats has been good with the topwater bite turning on this week.  Eastern Bay should be hot any day now as the stripers finish spawning. The first stripers to show are usually the biggest. This is one of the best times to get a trophy striper on the fly.

Looking forward to a good 2015…

… fishing season. I am srarting to book trips for the Susquehanna Flats in April. Looking forward to seeing you at Tie Fest on March 7th at the Prospect Bay Country Club.

June 22,2014

Stripers have been breaking at times lately. Some days they are mostly small and some days there are nice fish too. Also has been some fish jigging in 20 to 30 feet of water. We have caught a few bluefish too. Breaking fish should continue to get better thru summer. hopefully some Spanish mackerel will show as well.

May 11,2014

Fishing really picked up last week with stripers up to ten pounds and a few bigger. At times they have been feeding on the surface but otherwise on offshore structure. Soft plastics on spinning tackle and flyfishing with sinking lines.

July 2, 20013

Fishing has still been good for stripers from 20 to 27 inches with a few 30 inchers around. We are catching most of the fish jigging or flyfishing with sinking lines, but there have been some breaking fish. Some of the breakers are small but some of the schools have striped bass up to 24 inches. As summer heats up, the breaking fish should only get better with bluefish mixed in and hopefully spanish mackerel also.

June 19,2013

Fishing has been real good for the last three weeks. Stripers up to 30 inches are hitting jigs and flies in 10 to 30 feet of water. There have been some breaking fish. Some of the breakers are small but there can be larger fish underneath them. As summer warms up we should see more breaking fish and also bluefish and spanish mackerel.

Breaking fish have slowed lately…

… but when they do break there have been some really nice stripers. The shallow water bite on topwater plugs has been good early and on cloudy days.

Fish have still been breaking

with stripers and blues mixed and a few spanish mackerel. The best fishing is when the water is flat but on Monday they were breaking good in a big wind. We have also caught a few redfish on structure and in shallow water.

Stripers, bluefish and spanish mackerel

have been breaking real good for the last week. Stripers have gone up to 24 inches with a few bigger and blues up to 22 inches. They have been hitting on poppers, bucktails, and spoons. Fly fishing has been great also. In the shallow water we have caught stripers, afew small redfish and a couple speckled trout.

The Sussquehanna Flats season

was great this year, with lots of fish and big fish. We landed several stripers over 40 inches. Now I am fishing out of Kent Narrows fishing the Eastern Bay area. Fishing hasn’t been on fire yet but we have caught some nice fish up to 29 inches. Fishing should only improve as more fish move down the bay.

Fishing at the CBBT

was pretty good as the weather was much better than last year. Biggest fish onthe fly was 40 inches. I will be at Tie Fest at Kent Narrows on February 25, hope to see you there.

Fly fishing on the Chesapeake Bay

was great yesterday. Striped bass up to 24 inches were breaking on the surface for 4 hours. There was also bluefish mixed with the stripers. Blues were mostly small but a few nice ones were around. Most of the rockfish wre caught on poppers, with a lot caught on trailers behind the popper. We also caught fish with sinking lines with clousers. A lot of the schools of breakers did not have any birds on them, and these usually held the bigger fish.

We had breaking striped bass and bluefish off and on all day. The rockfish went up to 23 inches and our biggest blue was over 22 inches. We also caught our first spanish mackerel of the year. They were from 18 to 20 inches. Most of the fish were caught on Lil Bunker spoons made by Specialized Baits. These spoons work great either casting or jigging. We also caught fish on poppers. Ther has also been some speckled trout caught in the shallows.

Fly fishing on the Chesapeake Bay

Fly fishing on the Chesapeake Bay has been real good this week. Stripers have been breaking on the surface up to 26 inches. Light tackle fisherman have also been having great success too. Poppers, crease flies, and gurglers have all been bringing numerous strikes. When the fish go down, sinking lines with clousers or decievers will still catch striped bass. On spining tackle, jigging spoons can be hard to get to the bottom.

The fishing this week has been even better

The fishing this week has been even better. Stripers up to 32 inches have been caught on jigging spoons and good numbers of stripers in the mid twenties have beenbreaking and hitting poppers.