Fishing Reports


When the weather cooperated the fishing the past week has been good. Casting topwater either on fly or spin tackle had been great for breaking stripers. Jigging for stripers has also been productive. This weekend a group of us took out 24 wounded warriors fly fishing and had the best fishing we have ever had for this group. This was the 7th annual event done with Project Healing Waters.




Breaking stripers and bluefish have still been great. Good numbers of keeper size stripers are being caught. The size and number of blues depends on where we fish each day. Seeing Spanish mackerel but haven’t caught one yet. This is great time to fly fish and also to take kids fishing.




Stripers and bluefish have been breaking in a lot of different areas on the bay. Swimbaits, spoons and topwater plugs are all catching fish. Fly fishing with clousers, poppers and gurglers are working great. This a great time for novice fly fishermen.

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Stripers and bluefish breaking on the surface has been spectacular. Poppers and gurglers on the fly rod bring big strikes. Spoons and poppers on spin tackle are also wearing arms out. Saw the first Spanish mackerel of the year.

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Summertime and the living is easy, fish are jumping and the cotton is high. Stripers and bluefish are breaking on the surface. They are hitting anything you throw at them. This is a great time for novice flyfishermen.



Still have been catching good numbers of stripers. The best bite has been early morning. Jigs on spin tackle and flies on sinking lines are working. The shallow water bite has been on and off.image


Fishing in the Spring areas have slowed. Fishing is still good but I’m covering more area now and still catching fish up to 26 inches on the fly.FullSizeRender


Fishing has been spectacular! Striped bass over 30 inches are still being caught. At times they can be seen busting bait on the surface. When this is happening poppers are bringing vicious strikes. Big flies are also catching lots of good fish.



Fishing is still real good. Not as many big fish around now but still fish up to 30 inches and some days they are busting bait on the surface.



Fishing on the Chesapeake Bay is still real good with stripers caught over 30 inches. Most days fish have been feeding on the surface. Poppers and jigs have produced. Fly fishing has been good also. Many of the anglers including fly fisherman have caught their biggest striped bass ever.



Fishing is still really good. Soft plastic jerk baits and swim baits are both working equally well and fly fishing is great also. At times the big stripers are busting menhaden on the surface.



Fishing is still good with fish over 30 inches. Jigging with soft plastics and at times top water plugs have been productive. Flyfishing with half and halfs on sinking lines have also been catching good fish.

First time in the salt.


The fishing on the Flats is still pretty good but Eastern Bay has really lit up the last two days. Fish over 30 inches have been busting bait on the surface. Poppers and jigs have caught fish as well as flies.


The Susquehanna Flats has been good with the topwater bite turning on this week.  Eastern Bay should be hot any day now as the stripers finish spawning. The first stripers to show are usually the biggest. This is one of the best times to get a trophy striper on the fly.

Looking forward to a good 2015…

… fishing season. I am srarting to book trips for the Susquehanna Flats in April. Looking forward to seeing you at Tie Fest on March 7th at the Prospect Bay Country Club.