Fishing Reports


Shallow water topwater bite has been great even in bright sun. Stripers near 30 inches have been crushing poppers on spin or fly gear. Jigging and fly fishing with sinking lines have also produced nice rockfish. Starting to see a few breaking stripers too.


  1. Fishing in shallow water with topwater plugs and fly rod poppers had been bringing explosive strikes from good size stripers. Jigging and fly fishing with sinking lines is also producing good striped bass. It won’t be long before stripers and blues are breaking on the surface.


Fishing lately has been great. Stripers have been schooled up in large number. The rockfish have been all sizes with nice fish biting in flurries. Fly fishing has been real good with even beginners catching lots of stripers in the mid twenty inch range. Jigging soft plastics has also been great. When conditions have been right the topwater bite has been good too.


Fishing for stripers has been good this past week. Fishing has been consistent with the larger fish biting in flurries. There has been some topwater action but jigging with soft plastics and fly fishing with sinking lines and half and halfs.


They had a great Mothers Day


The weather finally cooperated this week and so did the fish. Stripers up to 32 inches were hitting jigs and swimbaits. There was also busting bait on top and hitting topwater plugs. Large half and halfs were catching fish too.


The Susquehanna Flats were off and on this year but we did manage to catch some nice stripers. Starting to find fish in Eastern Bay now.


Fishing on the Susquehanna Flats was ok with a few big fish caught but the water is muddy now. Started fishing Eastern Bay today and caught stripers up to 11 pounds. Fishing here should only get better.


IMG_0787 IMG_0795 IMG_0801Although the fishing last week was an on and off bite, when it was on it was spectacular with some big stripers up to 36 inches showing up. Casting and jigging soft plastics has been doing well. Fly fishing with big flies has done just as well.


IMG_0766 IMG_0774 IMG_0778This past week despite lots of boat traffic fishing has been great. Stripers up to 30 inches are chasing bunker on the surface. Catching them on poppers has slowed a bit but casting or jogging Bust em Baits has been catching rockfish steadily. Fly fishing with sinking lines continues to be real good to0. I am also proud to announce that I am on the pro staff for Bimini Bay Sunglasses by Salt Life and they are awesome.


IMG_0755 IMG_0760The wind has been brutal this past week but when we could get out the fish we’re still there. Stripers up to 30 inches are still chasing bunker on top. Large surface plugs are bringing great strikes and soft plastics are working too. Fly fishing with big flies on sinking lines have been doing well also,


image imageFishing has been spectacular this past week. Striped bass over 30 inches have crushing topwater plugs in any depth water,some days all day. Jigging and casting plastic baits are good also. Fly fishing with big flies on sinking lines are going great also.


image image image imageTopwater fishing for stripers up to 30 inches has been fantastic. Rockfish have been crushing poppets in shallow and deep water. Soft plastic jerk baits and swim baits are working too. Fly fishing has been great also.


imageBefore the storm fishing for stripers was great. Not only numbers but some bigger fish showing up. The bigger stripers are in small schools with the larger schools holding all sizes. Topwater and swim baits have been producing and fly fishing with sinking lines has been excellent. The shallow water bite has also picked up with topwater plugs.