Fishing Reports


It’s the time of year for breaking fish. Stripers have started breaking on the surface and will only get better. Shouldn’t be long before we see bluefish showing up too. The shallows water bite continues to be good also.


Shallow water bite has still been real good when conditions are right. Surface plugs and fly rod poppers have caught stripers up to 30 inches. Jigging soft plastics has also been catching good numbers of fish. Big flies on sinking lines are working real well too.


Striper fishing continues to be real good. When conditions are right the shallow water bite has been great. Striped bass up to 30 inches have been smashing topwater plugs. Jigging soft plastics has produced some bigger fish also. Fly fishing with sinking lines is catching the same size rockfish.



Striper fishing has been spectacular this week. Striped bass up to 36 inches have been taking flies like crazy. Half and halfs on sinking lines have been best. Once in a while the rockfish have busted menhaden on the surface. Jigging with soft plastics has also worked well.


Striper fishing continues to be good for fish over 30 inches. Half and halfs in sinking lines are catching good numbers of striped bass. Jigging soft plastics is also doing well.


Fly fishing for striped bass has been real good this week. Stripers up to 36 inches are taking big flies on sinking lines. At times the rockfish have been chasing menhaden to the surface. Soft plastics on spinning tackle has also been working. Some fish hit topwater also.


After a few days of tough fishing because of stripers gorging on May worms, the fish really turned on. Striped bass over 30 inches are biting well on soft plastics either jigging or casting swim baits. Fly fishing is also great. Big flies on 300 grain sinking lines are catching rockfish over 30 inches. The fish have been suspended from 10 to 20 feet, perfect for the fly.


Fishing for stripers has finally picked up. Post spawn fish up to 35 inches have been caught on fly rods with half and halfs with sinking lines. Jogging with soft plastics also is catching rockfish. There has also been a topwater bite when conditions are right.


Now is the time to book for spring striper fishing. April on the Susquehanna Flats is the best time to catch a big striped bass in shallow water. May in Eastern Bay is great for big post spawn rockfish.


The topwater bite has been spectacular for stripers lately. Topwater plugs are bringing explosive strikes from striped bass up to 30 inches. Fly fishing with sinking lines are also catching plenty of fish.


Striped bass have still been breaking on the surface. Some nicer stripers are showing up in better numbers. Plastics, poppers and flies are all working.


Stripers have been breaking on the surface in many locations. A few bluefish have been mixed in too. Soft plastics and spoons are catching consistently and topwater has also been good. Fly fishing with sinking lines and floating lines with poppers are great. Hasn’t been a lot of big fish but sometimes a big striper shows up.


This has been the windiest August I can remember but when it’s laid down fishing has been good. Stripers all sizes along with a few bluefish and an occasional Spanish mackerel have been been breaking on the surface. Soft plastics, spoons and topwater plugs are all catching their share. Fly fishing has been equally effective.


Striped bass are breaking on the surface in good numbers. All size stripers are taking spoons and topwater plugs. Fly rod poppers and clousers are also catching rockfish and a few bluefish. Spanish mackerel have also shown up.


Breaking striped bass have showing up more regular lately. Bluefish have been sparatic. Topwaters, plastics and spoons are all catching stripers up to 26 inches in the breakers. Fly fishing is every cast when the fish are on top. The shallow water bite has been awesome with stripers approaching 30 inches crushing plugs and fly rod poppers.